“Coco McAtee, I thank the stars everyday that we had that conversation and I decided to have you come and talk with my Girl Scouts. That is one of the best things I think I ever did for those girls..."

Coco McAtee LSCSW
Family Life Educator | Speaker | Facilitator


Telling the Truth About Bodies


Coco McAtee, LSCSW
is a health professional and a licensed clinical social worker with over two decades of experience teaching kids and parents about sexuality. She has worked with hundreds of families—of all kinds. Session participants enjoy and are enlightened by Coco’s dynamic, comfortable delivery of information and insights on topics that can be embarrassing or uncomfortable to discuss. Presentations are relaxed, factual and fun. More importantly, they open ongoing channels of communication between parents and kids.

Where Coco speaks:
• church groups
• Scout troop meetings
• school groups/PTA
• business Lunch & Learns
• community groups
• health care professional groups
• couples events
• Mother & Daughter meetings
• Father & Son meetings
• faith-based organizations
• professional organizations
• YOUR organization

Coco helps parents and kids navigate these subjects in a safe, supportive environment. Coco will adapt materials to suit your needs, and new courses and presentations are always in development.

Married with children, Coco brings her faith, her personal experience, and her extensive professional training together to create a unique approach to parenting and family communication about physical development and sexuality. Her dynamic, engaging, yet relaxed presence ensures a comfortable, energized presentation.


Lynn O’Toole
Instructor, Pembroke Hill Middle School, Kansas City

Rev. Stan Runnels
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church,  Kansas City

Kim Snodgrass
Youth Ministry Coordinator, Episcopal Diocese of Western Missouri

Denise Dugan
Director of Family and Children’s Ministry, St. Andrew Christian Church, Olathe, KS

Fr. Pat Tobin
St. Therese Parish, North Kansas City, MO

Mom and Daughter

To schedule Coco as a speaker for your organization or to learn about upcoming classes,
call 913.530.0607.