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Telling the Truth About Bodies


October 27, 2012

In Reaction to ‘Beloved BBC Personality’ Now Exposed as a Pedophile
A man that for decades has been part of British society, was revealed to have molested hundreds of children, primarily preteen girls in both hospitals and institutions. Likened to the American icons Dick Clark and Captain Kangaroo, Jimmy Savile used his position, influence and privilege to gain access to vulnerable children. People are shocked that this British icon who concluded radio shows with gentle words of “being careful”, could get away with this for so long.

My frustration regarding the “reaction” is that we as Americans and Europeans have ample examples of abuse of children by people in positions of power. Our methods of “teaching” children how to be safe and prevent abuse are misinformed.

There is no profile except that we all must question an adult’s involvement with kids and be sure our kids have some important skills.

As the late legendary Jan Hindman, noted therapist and author has taught, our kids must be taught intentionally that they can tell if anything happens to them. Our culture of silence on healthy sexuality and how to talk about sensitive issues related to all aspects of sexuality is actually a co-conspirator with predators. The predators EXPECT that kids won’t tell because we do not talk about the even good, healthy, normal aspects of
sexuality. We help them hurt our kids.

AND, we are teaching our kids to be predatory with one another as our current culture of sexual thievery is alive and well. Again, read about Jan and her efforts with BOTH victims and prepetrators. Her voice is alive in numerous publications.

Empower your kids to know they are in charge of their body and it is private.