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Telling the Truth About Bodies


Teen Dating Violence

February 6, 2013

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Bummer that we have to highlight the month for Valentine’s Day with awareness about teens hurting one another.  I sadly received a link from a friend about an I-phone app that is a game for keeping one’s boyfriend in line.  The game allows you hit, slap, whack etc your ‘boyfriend’ to keep him in line. I am purposely not sharing the link because I don’t want to support its use at all.

Women have struggled for eons with the issue of domestic violence and battering.  Now we turn the tables and both  encourage and make fun of hurting males.  Neither gender was placed on the earth to be the outlet for another’s aggression.

I have been known to say “look at our bodies.  we were not designed with armour to withstand blows.” And as a wise friend repeatedly states, “People are not for hurting.”

So let us each make an effort to begin with treating ourselves with more love and compassion for out of that we will act accordingly to others.