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Telling the Truth About Bodies



March 4, 2015

Am I Normal?
Common question that plagues us as we move through puberty, certainly. But it carries on and this British Journal of Urology study points out that men still are wondering. And I will say women struggle too. We females worry about breast size and males wonder about penis size.

There is a ‘standard’ size and preponderance of males fall within the norm, according to the study. Whew! But really, what this points to is a much deeper question of acceptance. “Do you accept me as I am?” “Can I accept the way I am made and appreciate and cherish myself?”

We all seek this affirmation in one form or another. We try to fit a perception by what we wear, what we drive, what status symbols we carry or own. And the question of our very anatomy carries so much weight about attractiveness and being pleasing, or acceptable to another.

Let’s all recall that bodies and sexuality are about love and mutuality. When one loves, and loves rightly, one loves all of who that person is. Like the song says… ‘I love your edges and imperfections.’ None of us are perfect yet we are imperfectly perfect as ourselves.

British Journal of Urology study