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Telling the Truth About Bodies


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April 30, 2011

Are Teens Ticking Timebombs
When it Comes to Sex?

The At Risk Youth Survey in 2005 found that less than half of all high schoolers had engaged in sexual intercourse. Everyone is NOT doing IT! Yet, here are reasons kids do:
1) I am in love
2) It is fun/feels good
3) My friends are doing it
4) It’s grown up
5) I want to be loved
6) I want a baby
7) It’s natural
8 ) I was drunk/high
9) I am angry
10) I was pressured
11) I’d already been assaulted so I am damaged goods.

These statements offered by the Worth the Wait program out of Texas are telling. Give it some thought. What will keep kids from having sex prematurely? I think accurate sex education that outlines the positive and negative consequences of early sexual involvement is one approach. Parents that express love and support combined with a clear expectation that they do not support teen sex is another. Recall, lectures don’t go far with this age group. A conversation where you listen more than you talk is recommended. Respect their developing mind.

Consider this: The largest sex organ on the body? _________________  Answer: The skin. It actually requires nourishment. Touch is a critical need for human beings. So how to satisfy skin hunger in an age-appropriate and sexually responsible manner: welcomed hugs, high-fives, pats on the back, holding hands. Do you wonder why in some middle and high schools there is an awful lot of huggin’ in the halls! If kids don’t get appropriate affection at home, they will find it elsewhere.

Consider this: The most powerful sex organ on the body?____________________   Answer: the brain. So provide your tween and teen with solid answers about their developing body. A great place to share information is in the car, when the ipod is not going :)  You have a captive audience.