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Coco McAtee LSCSW
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Telling the Truth About Bodies



June 20, 2012

We Are All Confused
The OP Arboretum was in the news due to a sculpture that has many folks reacting to its inappropriateness in the garden. The artist explains his inspiration for the sculpture. I am not sure about its placement there in the footpath at the Arboretum, but then consider the statues in Italy with naked bodies as well. Is there a difference? There are male sculptures with fully exposed genitalia. Is there a difference here in OPKS. Perhaps that is the issue. People don’t think twice in cities in Italy where passersby are even more numerous than the Arboretum.

Culturally, U.S. citizens are all over the place when it comes to revealed bodies, revealed parts of bodies etc. Ours is a cultural that in many ways is arrested in its collective development around sexuality. The porn industry, the teenage pregnancy rate, the number of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections) are just three areas that the U.S. scores abyssmally compared to
other industrialized nations.

Some would suggest adults make use of the sculpture to talk with kids about culture, about what the artist is portraying, about how bodies should be regarded. Many adults unfortunately, would find it difficult to begin a conversation, ( I don’t mean lecture), about the sculpture. They would want to cover their kids’ eyes. I wonder if they cover their kids’ eyes while they watch prime time t.v. shows and the accompanying ads that can border on soft porn in some cases.
The artist’s explanation meant something to me…we are too obsessed with the body.  For the right reasons. And for the wrong ones too.