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Telling the Truth About Bodies


Worried Dad

June 22, 2012

Parental Worries
Have you ever worried about your kids? I know. Dumb question. Most of us do. And we worry especially about our kids’ safety and will someone hurt them. But have you ever worried that your kid might be the one doing the hurting? I just finished a lengthy book by a favorite author who is no longer with us, Jan Hindman. She wrote several books but this sizable one is called There is No Such Thing as The Sex Fairy: The Ten Commandments for Raising Sexually Responsible Kids and How to prevent Your Child from Becoming a Sexual Predator.

How is that for a heck of a title? Yet she is so ahead of her time…as our culture is full of examples of her term “sexual thievery”. This is the notion that we are taught to steal from one another. To steal looks at one another’s bodies. To, as they used to say “cop a feel”. To take from another in a sexual way. The bottom line is not treating another as a person of dignity who deserves respect and our regard as a fellow human being. We are encourage to flaunt ourselves, for our young to take pictures of themselves and post them on various screens for total strangers to see. Kids are vulnerable and because they are, they need protection and guidance. Unfortunately as adults, we are not always good examples. We may struggle with our own wish for notice, attention and regard, even by strangers, in some way. As another remarkable author suggested… we all need to grow up. So our kids can too, safely.