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August 6, 2011

Talk to Me Ad Campaign
A few years ago, the “Talk to Me” campaign was launched with a goal of helping parents  to initiate a conversation with kids about sex and the value in waiting to have sex. The campaign creators gave me permission to share the message as it is my message too. Mom and Dad, you are  a crucial person in the life of your child, and on an a topic as significant as healthy sexuality, kids must hear from you. Silence isn’t only deadly. It still speaks volumes: “We don’t talk about this.” That message is deadly as kids learn from peers & the media about sexual attitudes and behaviors.

Sexual behavior today is often portrayed as not having any negative consequences. Case in point: The Teen Parent shows. More glamorizing than helpful. As a perinatal social worker, my role is  to deal with the negative consequences of sexuality. Perinatal has to do with fertility and pregnancy. Some of the negatives I encounter everyday:  sexually transmitted infections, domestic violence, high-risk diagnosis, premature delivery, miscarriages, stillbirths and death of a newborn, babies exposed to drugs & now are withdrawing, unknown paternity, no father involvement, inadequate income or education, psychiatric illness of the mother, unplanned pregnancy, adoption, involving state authorities in families lives. No fun? Well, I thoroughly enjoy my work. At the same time, it makes me believe all the more in the power of talking WITH your kids, not AT them. Talking can raise the odds of healthier outcomes.

www.4parents.gov is no longer an active campaign but the message will never go out of style. I want to extend this campaign and hope you will join the conversation. View the videos and enjoy!

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