“Coco McAtee, I thank the stars everyday that we had that conversation and I decided to have you come and talk with my Girl Scouts. That is one of the best things I think I ever did for those girls..."

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September 30, 2013

Coco in scrubsComing to the Rescue
This photo is of me in full regalia to be the support person to a mom delivering a baby and her real support person is driving to the hospital, hoping to make it in time.  The delivery was an emergency thus the lack of presence by the one she really wants at her side.

The beauty of this situation for me is that one, she was very appreciative of my presence when it was offered….that she not be all alone at this incredibly crucial moment.  Secondly, just seconds before this little one was to emerge, dad arrived, gowned up just like me but with the intensity of one committed to being there to see his new family member arrive on the scene.

I scooted out of the delivery room immediately and was met by some of our nurses who knew I was asked to stand in for this family.  The nurses said I could have just stayed to see everything.

I said no, this is too special of a time for people….this is a personal and private affair that I am not a “spectator” at.  As amazing as staying would have been, it was not right for this family for me to remain.  I served my purpose.  They were ultimately together, as we all hope birth goes.  It is monumental.  We might lose sight of just exactly what this event marks in people’s lives.

Mystery, Awe, Love.