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Walk Across The Sun

September 30, 2014

Sex Trafficking
I just finished reading a book I was very reluctant to read despite a friend’s recommendation.  I even reluctantly mentioned it to my book club because of the subject matter: human sex trafficking.

Having finished the book The Giver, I went ahead and picked up Corban Addison’s book A Walk Across the Sun about 2 Indian sisters sold into the sex slave trade in Bombay and the American lawyer who finds himself transported and transformed into a ‘savior’ of sorts….saving one sister and really, saving himself.

I loved and sort of hated the book.  I could not wholly put it down.  One evening when I went to read it, I just couldn’t as I was concerned about what images I would face about teen girls exploited and raped, moved like animals from city to city and vile, predatory men and women who were responsible for this system.

“Trafficking will stop when men stop buying women.” is a statement by one character who is at the top of this sordid food chain.  He claims to not like selling sex, but it is just another commodity people are willing to pay for.  For him it is just business.

At least twice, I was moved to tears. I mean, drop the book and sob tears.

Since you are reading this on my website, you know the work I have been in–education and truth-telling about bodies, boundaries and beauty. I believe this work will help men stop buying women because we each can learn to see ourselves and then our neighbor truly—a human being deserving of all respect and dignity, both our mind and our body.

www.sharedhope.org is a site to help you learn more, as well as www.polarisproject.org

Read the book.  Hate the issue.  Love One Another