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Telling the Truth About Bodies


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September 4, 2014

“Touchy” Topics
I have heard or read three things in the last 24 hours that are just a wee bit surprising.  No.  Not the horrific news of another beheading.  No. Not the murder of south KC family members at their home.  No. Not that the Royals won again.

The first was yesterday’s NPR story from a series on masculinity in America.  I heard a Nigerian gentleman talk about living here in the States and the lack of touch among men.  He can return to his country to visit his siblings and a brother will take his hand and hold it publicly.  Not here unless you are in a romantic relationship and then only with fear of retaliation for same sex relationships.

Today, KCUR had people sharing about “professional cuddlers or snugglers” because people are not being held enough.  You can pay someone to ‘hold’ you.  There is a documentary on the new profession. Bodies/skin needs to be fed with welcome and appropriate touch throughout our lives.

The link below was shared with me about the high percentage of young women in the UK who can not diagram their own reproductive parts.  They do not know where their vaginas are located on a basic science diagram.  In addition, they are so uncomfortable with reproductive terminology.  Please take a moment to read the link at the bottom of this entry.

Fear and ignorance create very damaging situations no matter what….in this case, the issue is cancer awareness and prevention.  Ovarian cancer, peritoneal cancer, uterine cancer etc all need early detection but if these important body parts are deemed off limits to understanding and knowledge, a person can miss early warning signs that something is at risk.

The grave concern of so many adults about telling the truth about bodies to their children places these young people at risk for lots of negative situations.  Please speak up and tell your kids where there eyeball is as well as their urethra, anus, fallopian tube (girls), and testicles (boys).  The truth shall set us all free.