“Coco McAtee, I thank the stars everyday that we had that conversation and I decided to have you come and talk with my Girl Scouts. That is one of the best things I think I ever did for those girls..."

Coco McAtee LSCSW
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Telling the Truth About Bodies


Plain Talk About Sex for Kids & Parents
A 4-session class for parents and children to take together, Plain Talk centers on facts and fun. Parents have plenty of opportunities to share their own family values with their children while kids learn and grow. Parents will receive a complete information packet for home use.

This signature class for both kids and parents together addresses anatomy and physiology, sexual reproduction, abuse prevention and communication. Designed for parents and kids to learn together, the 4 week, 2 hour per session program centers on family communication while teaching facts and feelings about growing up.

The first session is for parents and other important adults in the child’s life to attend. The remaining 3 sessions bring parents and kids together in an energetic atmosphere, engaging kids and adults alike. Participants are sorry that the final session has come! Parents report learning a few things themselves!

For families with children 8-12 years old (4th, 5th and 6th Grade).

Session I, Introduction (parents only)
Topic: Sex Ed: What is it?

Session II (parents and children)
Topic: Anatomy, Physiology, Menstruation and Male Maturation

Session III (parents and children)
Topic: Sexual Intercourse, Responsibility and Planning for Your Future

Session IV (parents and children)
Topic: Sexual Abuse Prevention and Your Uniqueness
Please note: Both parents or other caring adults in the child’s life are encouraged to attend. At least one parent must atend the parent-only session in order for the family to participate in the course.


"I have taken this with my 2 other daughters and I always learn something new. Thanks for helping us with our 3 daughters."Father in Plain Talk about Sex for Kids and Parents

"I sure wish I had had a class like this when I was my son's age. It would have been so helpful." Another Father in Plain Talk about Sex for Kids and Parents

“I loved this class!”6th Grade Boy in Plain Talk About Sex

“Initially, I thought this subject was not suited for 5th graders. I feel differently now. The subjects were presented in a positive way that invited questions I did not anticipate prior to the course. I appreciate my son's comfort level with asking the questions.  A class all students should be required to take”
A Father at Visitation Catholic School

Mom and Daughter